Soap & Glory

So I have been using this skincare line for a few months now first intoduced to me by Mum. To say the least it is pretty good. This is one of the few skin care products I have used where I can actually agree and even testify that it does what the description says on the packaging. So if you are looking for skincare products that tone, clean and exfoliate this line is defo the one. Also the majority of the products smell nice compared to skincare products these days which… well… have no smell.  Only downside is that it is a little pricey but in my opinion it is worth the price. Pros: It is pink and looks nice chilling in my bathroom.

Sold in your local Boots& Superdrug etc well I hope so.

If anyone has experienced the smooth skin from these products, pls let me know in the comment sec and how you felt about it. Further if you know any good skincare ranges that promise magical skin and it actually works let me know.